Who We are


We are trial lawyers who have handled thousands of matters from inception through trial.  We have all worked for prestigious large law firms, but now we do what we love.  We help people who need a lawyer in their corner.  When you come to our firm you get real litigators - lawyers with big and small firm experience; both defense firm and plaintiffs’ firm experience; and both criminal prosecution and criminal defense experience.  We have handled matters in multiple state and federal courts, and we have the skills and experience to handle any kind of case for you.  We believe that litigating is a skill and it can be applied to any matter.        

Whether you are disabled and being discriminated against; whether you have been arrested and need someone to defend you against any criminal charges; whether you have been fired for no apparent reason; or whether you have been injured in an accident or by a doctor – we can help. 

We have successfully litigated cases against municipalities and large corporations, facing some of the biggest and most prestigious law firms in the country.  Call us and let us fight for you.

At GHV, we believe that lawyers should be part of a community, not only in a skyscraper in midtown or down on Wall Street.  In the past, the law firm was a fixture on Main Street, just like other local businesses.  We believe that idea still matters.  That’s why we have our offices here on 72nd Street, right in the heart of the neighborhood where we live.  We are one of the very few law firms on the Upper West Side and we are very proud of that.

We are all fully committed to public service, and are heavily involved in our communities.  Bruce Gitlin is the founder and chairman of the New York Center for Law and Justice, dedicated to helping the deaf community in legal matters.  Bruce is also on the board of numerous other charitable organizations.  Moshe Horn has been an adjunct law professor for over 20 years at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law – his alma mater - and is a frequent lecturer in high schools educating teenagers and parent groups on issues confronting teen youth.  He also serves on the board of his synagogue and other community groups.  Chris Van de Kieft is a U.S. Army veteran who is the chairman of his son’s school chess team, and coaches in Brooklyn’s AYSO soccer program.