Title IX Defense

One of the most complex and fast-moving areas of the law concerns Title IX and college campuses.  Title IX allegations and disciplinary investigations on college campuses are at an all-time high.  GHV is here to help.  If a student is accused of a Title IX violation it can be stressful and scary.  It is important to remember that should this occur to your family, the school is not on your side.  You will face questions from trained investigators who are on the school’s payroll, and the student could face anything from probation to suspension or even expulsion.  These investigators often work with police on parallel investigations, but may not even inform you of that fact.  

Unfortunately, an adverse finding in a campus disciplinary hearing can have serious, lifelong consequences, including loss of a student’s housing, financial aid, scholarships, and even expulsion from the institution.  These negative results can forever mar a student’s academic record and limit future job opportunities.  Yet despite these significant consequences, disciplinary hearings often lack crucial due process protections all students deserve.  Extensive, careful preparation and aggressive representation is needed to defend against student conduct code violations.  It would be wise to have your own advocate protecting your interest. 

Moshe Horn, a partner at the firm, has been representing students facing disciplinary hearings on college and university campuses for years.  Moshe provides guidance on all student code violations, including sexual abuse or harassment allegations, drug possession, underage drinking, and hazing allegations.


Moshe’s ten successful years as a prosecutor with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, his extensive work on criminal defense cases, and his handling of multiple campus matters gives him an impressive blend of knowledge and experience to handle campus disciplinary issues and proceedings.  Because cases of campus discipline may also involve criminal law offenses, it is beneficial for an accused student to have an attorney well-versed in both these fields of law.  Moshe is able to identify the many issues these cases raise, formulate a sound plan, and vigorously represent accused students.  We are here if you need us.