Personal Injury

At GHV, we understand that a personal injury is often a life-changing event, and we are tireless in our fight to protect the rights of our clients and to secure the compensation they need to carry on with their lives.  Our attorneys have dedicated most of their careers to representing victims who have suffered serious personal injury, and we have recovered millions of dollars in money damages for clients who have experienced pain and suffering, as well as lost wages and income, arising out of serious accidents and bodily injuries.  Further, we have achieved notable results in securing compensation for the estates of families whose family members have suffered wrongful death.


Unfortunately, personal injury may occur for a variety of reasons – at times due to the carelessness of individuals, or the negligence of companies, that have either manufactured defective products or have devoted insufficient attention to safety on the job site. These injuries may also occur away from the work site, in an unexpected place. But no matter the location of the injury, or the cause, we stand ready to recover significant money damages for our clients.

Defective Product Litigation

We have significant experience in bringing lawsuits on behalf of clients who suffered grave personal injuries due to defective products.  These cases can be very complicated, involving difficult engineering and scientific issues.  We relish these challenges and have been involved in successful litigation against, for example, manufacturers of defective power presses, table saws, defective tractors, and defective pharmaceutical products.  

Unsafe Worksite Matters

We also have extensive experience in cases in which our clients were injured due to unsafe construction site conditions.  Some of those matters include injuries caused by collapsing scaffolds, failing hoists, defective platforms, or dangerous construction equipment and unsafe ladders.  Furthermore, where injuries have occurred on the job, we have advised clients concerning worker’s compensation and social security disability benefits in those instances where supplemental sources of income are available to workers.

Premises Liability/Auto Accident Cases

We have worked for years on behalf of individuals who have been injured outside of the workplace.  Our experience includes matters where a client was injured on dangerous premises, including unsafe stairways and walkways, and injuries sustained on hazardous roadways and sidewalks where there has been snow, ice or defective pavement.  Additionally, we have represented clients in a host of matters involving serious motor vehicle accidents that include, for example, wrongful death.  

Medical Malpractice

GHV attorneys also have many years of experience litigating medical malpractice lawsuits.  Medical malpractice cases arise when the conduct of a medical professional falls below the profession’s standard of care.  These cases are often complex, and require a deep understanding of the medical and scientific issues, as well as sound expert support.  Our work in this field over the years has given us the ability to successfully advocate for our clients on these difficult cases.        

We have tried cases in the Supreme Court of the State of New York and in federal court, and have argued appeals before the appellate courts on both the state and federal levels.  No matter where the case arises, we are ready to stand up for our clients.  

Workers COmpensation

If you are injured at work or contract an occupational disease, you will likely be able to collect workers' compensation. If your employer does not have workers' compensation insurance, we may still be able to recover benefits for you directly from your employer.

However, receiving payments for your injury is not always easy. If you have difficulty, an attorney can help. Mr. Gitlin has worked for over three decades in conjunction with premier worker’s compensation firms and has established close working relationships with those firms. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation.


Being disabled and unable to work is a challenging situation. Although you want to work, an impairment prevents you from working. You struggle financially due to your inability to provide income for yourself and your family.

Mr. Gitlin has worked for over three decades in conjunction with our friend and colleague--Robert A. Koenigsberg--who has founded one of the premier firms that is engaged in Social Security Disability matters. We work cooperatively with his office in representing clients. Together, we help individuals, with serious physical, emotional and mental conditions, secure Social Security disability benefits. You may be eligible for SSDI benefits if you have not been or will not be able to work for at least one year or you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness. We invite you to contact us for a free consultation.