Criminal Defense

GHV Partner Moshe Horn has extensive experience handling criminal defense matters.  As a former ADA in the Manhattan D.A.’s office, he has tried dozens of cases.

There are few things more frightening than being arrested, or becoming a target of an investigation initiated in a prosecutor’s office.  Under these circumstances, People individuals so often feel scared and alone.  Should this happen, you need a lawyer by your side that will be present with you every step of the way.

Moshe Horn has over two decades of experience in the criminal law field.  For ten years Moshe was a prosecutor at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, prosecuting thousands of cases and achieving one of the highest conviction rates in the office. Over time, Moshe realized that he was most comfortable on the defense side, standing by individuals when charged.  Moshe puts his experience as a prosecutor to good use when defending people in trouble.  As a former prosecutor, Moshe can anticipate a prosecutor’s strategy, and plan an appropriate defense.

Here at GHV, we are prepared to assist you in every way.  We have excellent investigators who can help us put the pieces together; we have had great success negotiating plea bargains when appropriate; and we are also not hesitant to go to trial when needed.  It is the ability to go to trial that has served us well in the past.  

More importantly, you as our client will have our full attention as we fight to protect your rights.  Should something happen to you or anyone you know, please do not hesitate to call us; we will provide you with a free consultation and help you plan a strategy to weather the storm. 


Representative cases

  • We represented a college student charged with rape; after investigating the complaining witness and discovering inaccuracies in her story, we were able to obtain a misdemeanor charge for our client.

  • Last year we represented a young man charged with manslaughter; working closely with the prosecution, we convinced the prosecution that the facts underlying the charges were not representative of our client’s intent, but rather the result of an accident.  We were able to receive youthful offender status and probation for our client. 

  • We represented one of New York City’s landlords who was charged with building code violations; after litigating on his behalf, our client was completely exonerated. 

  • We have represented numerous students charged with hazing or cyber-bullying on college campus, and who have been threatened with expulsion; we represented the students at school tribunals, and succeeded in maintaining the students' status as matriculating in school. 



In his work as a criminal defense attorney, Moshe has developed a specialty in defending young people - good kids who have made a mistake and need help.  These situations may involve drug use, alcohol use, cyberbullying, alleged cheating on exams, accusations of hazing or college sexual misconduct, or Title 9 violations.  Moshe is a frequent lecturer and advisor to schools on these topics. 

Now more than ever, young people are under tremendous pressure, and they make mistakes. These mistakes typically have one of two endings - if handled properly, it can be a learning experience and the student moves on. If mishandled, it can be a black mark that can haunt a young person. That is where we come in.

When good kids make errors, many parents are lost, because it is their first time seeing their kids make a wrong move. We have advocated for students before high school administrations, law enforcement agencies, college disciplinary bodies, and more.  We can come in early and advise you on what to do and what not to do, and how to minimize any damages.  This may be your first experience with the legal system, but we have seen it all, we can give advice, fight on your behalf or just help you plan. 

Please call us if your son or daughter makes a mistake and you need advice. 



  • We represented a student caught cheating on a Regents test, threatened with expulsion; we advocated for the student and it resulted in a minor suspension.

  • We represented a student accused of hazing by a state university, threatened with expulsion; we represented the student at a disciplinary hearing and it resulted in suspension.

  • We represented students caught drinking in Central Park after hours; we represented the students and it resulted in dismissals of the charges.

  • We represented students being bullied mercilessly, and advocated on their behalf; it resulted in the school taking steps to protect these students.

  • We represented a student taking Ritalin without a prescription; we represented the student and successfully prevented the high school from alerting the university she planned to attend.